Simple Disable Key

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Disable any unnecessary key on your keyboard


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Simple Disable Key is an interesting application that lets you disable the function of any key on your computer keyboard, or even activate a permanent 'Num Lock,' 'Caps Lock,' or 'Scroll Lock.'

The desire to deactivate a specific key on your keyboard could be due to various reasons: one is broken and is constantly being pressed, you want to limit access to the task manager to the PC users or certain shortcuts aren't available in certain programs. Whatever your reason is, Simple Disable Key lets you completely customize which keys can and can't be used. These limitations could be in general or applied to specific computer programs.

Programming the features in Simple Disable Key is easy: all you have to do is choose the key you want to disable, select which program you want it to be deactivated for and accept the configuration. This configuration can be changed at any time without any problem, in case you want to enable the keys again.